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Decor Winner 2015

We have really enjoyed seeing all of your tailgating ideas and inspiration! To everyone who entered a contest this year, thank you! The winner of the decor contest is...Big Orange Tailgating! This group is very clever! Always great food and ideas. If you are ever at Neyland Stadium, we recommend stopping by the Calhoun's parking lot to say hello to Big Orange Tailgating. Fun group. But I digress, here is my personal favorite from their pictures.... Thanks to all the fun tailgaters we have met this year and those who took the time to submit photos or tag us in social media. We love tailgaters, best people on earth. Merry Christmas from National Collegiate Tailgating Championship! We Are Fans of the Fans! ...
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Best Use of Bacon, in a drink!

Now this is the way to start a tailgate! Cox Family Tailgating who (obviously) cheer for Clemson has a great ritual. Tailgate starts around 8am, but Coffee and Grits are ready at 7:30am. As you can see there are plenty of options for making your Bloody Mary, including pickled carrots, pickled okra, pickled green beans, shrimp and fried oysters. Of course, BACON is available in large quantities. Congratulations to Cox Family Tailgating! Here are a few drinks their very enthusiastic and talented crew created! ...
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Best Use of Bacon, Grilling Winner!

Ok, what a great idea...BACON, cheese and jalapeno stuffed hamburgers! Kim and Jerry Little sent in these great pictures of their grilling entree'. The Littles cheer for the University of Georgia with their tailgating group Dale's Dawgs. Here are a few photos of their tailgating crew and winning creation. Kim and Jerry are season ticket holders and tailgate all home games with their group Dale's Dawgs named after their good friend Dale Dubose, this is a photo of Dale and Jerry Little. Back to the star of the show...BACON! The burgers were made with a tool that was a gift to Jerry, he puts them together at home and they are grilled at the tailgate. Thank you Kim for being such a great social media friend! We always know what is going on by following you on Twitter! ...
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Best Use of Bacon Entree’ Winner!

We knew we were brilliant when we decided to have a "Best use of Bacon" Tailgating Contest! Great ideas and execution every weekend utilizing bacon! And the entree' winner is... Big Orange Tailgating! Their entry was a team effort as the leader of the tailgating group gave credit to Amanda Wright as the creative and operations genius behind the Bacon Wrapped Pickle Dogs. So the great idea is a hot dog sliced, add a Claussen dill pickle, wrap in bacon and smoke. Unique enough to be delicious. Vicki Johnson, the creative and decor leader of the group said she thought it would be really different but ended up loving the combination. So...give it a try, it got rave reviews! We Are Fans of the Fans! ...
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Fried Halloween!

Showing off the great talent we see while tailgating. This was a Halloween offering by Mike Rowe, Traci McBee and friends. Feataturing Fried Catfish, Fried, sausages, pringles in the arms. An awesome dessert included table as the face is a giant rice krispie treat! So fun! Here are a few pictures of the tailgating crew, first Fred and Wilma or as they are known far and wide, Mike Rowe and Traci McBee Rowe. They are such great fans they were married on the Colorado State University Campus then after a short reception came to a football game with the entire wedding party in one section of the stadium! Now, that is dedication to your team! And to add to the fun, more of the tailgating group...including coaches Pictured are Jeff Riley (80's Ram Fan) Nate Caldwell (Coach Mike Bobo) Shane McCann (Mike Ditka) Vincent Booker (Crazy Hair Fan) Mike Rowe ...
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Best Use of Bacon Contest!

Do you use bacon in your appetizer, entree', dessert, drink?? Send us a photo and a description and we will determine and winner! You could win fame, glory and tailgating accessories. Plus, we will write about your offering on our blog and social media. Use the #tailg8champ and that way we know we can find you. Post it on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The deadline is midnight EST on November 14, 2015. Fill up our social media, we know you know how to tailgate with bacon! ...
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Halloween Candy Tailgating Contest Winners!

The fun group that makes up Big Orange Tailgating has great ideas and most of all the best team spirit! This group of approximately 35 people tailgate rain or shine to support their Vols and get together to celebrate as family and friends. They took on the challenge of the "Best Use of Halloween Candy" Tailgating contest with great enthusiasm. As Vicki Johnson, one of the leaders, told us we had so much fun getting ready. We made cupcakes with buttercream frosting, the Frankensteins have chocolate sprinkles for the eyebrows, candy eyes, M&M ears and Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups for the hair. Tombstone utilize Peeps, Mallowcream Pumpkins and Candy Corn. The Mummy decoration is icing and gel eyes. Green cookies have icing with scary eyes, peanut butter cookies have Hershey's Kisses. They also made a cookie candy pie and sugar cookies with M&M's, Reeses' Pieces, Snickers, Milky Way and Kit ...
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More contests = More winning!

As you know we name the National Collegiate Tailgating Champions each August before the College Football season starts. But this year we thought why not have more contests and more winners! So here is the plan, on 3 weekends we will have different contests. Halloween weekend will be "Best Use of Halloween Candy" November 14th will be "Best Use of Bacon" and November 28th will be "Best Decor". To enter send us your photo and description on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email. Our address is info@nationalcollegiatetailgatingchampionship.com Use the hashtag #tailg8champ in your social media posts! We will have a distinguished panel judge the entries and determine a winner. The winning post will be announced the following Monday after each contest. Entries must be submitted by midnight EST Saturday contest. Winners will receive fame, glory and tailgating accessories! Enter one time or multiple times but do enter! ...
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